Caitlyn Brandt

Untitled I
oil on canvas
62 x 52 in.

Space, whether interior or exterior, shapes how we observe and interact with each other and our surroundings. Geometry, along with line and pattern, build and dissect space. I use these fundamental elements in my landscapes as a way to construct spatial relations and composition. Using the landscape as a point of departure, I play with the dialogue between natural phenomenon and perception. My paintings are both a visual and mindful puzzle of space.

I’m interested in the mindfulness that nature fosters in the way it provides an escape and healing with its tranquil beauty and solitude. Now more than ever we need to slow down in order to rest, meditate, and just be. The contemporary landscape of politics, gender roles, and climate concerns are often treated as separate issues, yet they are interconnected just as nature is. Life is a cycle of movement and stillness, light and dark, life and death. These opposing elements are required to obtain balance. This idea of duality is one that I depict in my paintings.

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