Andrea Weese

Spiked Corset
sterling silver, pink sapphires
4 x 4 in.

Chain Mail Corset
sterling silver
4 x 4 in.

Diamond Corset
sterling silver, cubic zirconias
4 x 4 in.

What defines beauty?

Throughout history it was men who decided what was beautiful, and it was women who conformed to that beauty. When men thought something was sexy, women would make torture devices to give the façade of that sexiness. For centuries women have been torturing and tormenting themselves on the inside in order to be beautiful on the outside. Though just one example of this torture was the Corset, it seems to be the perfect symbol of Ideal Beauty. Day after day, women continued to suffocate themselves, as to ensure their properness, but why do we continue to torture ourselves?

Who is to blame for this insanity? Do we blame society for making us feel inadequate? We all know that no model is as perfect as magazines make them look, so do we then blame ourselves for buying in to this size two world? We don’t all come in perfect little packages, and no matter who is to blame, the suffering and torment needs to disintegrate so that hopefully the future will be less constricting.

© Andrea Weese