Serena Weits

Sacred Imperfection
fabric, wire, thread, button, wood, paint
6 x 6 x 2 in.

Almost 10 years ago I began making these “pods”. Not long after being raped and then falling into a born again Christian cult, I was feeling depressed. But, I continued making art. I bound these balls of fabric so tight as if to never let out these feelings again. Their coarse stitching resembles tracks or scars. A sewn on button, protruding wires or nails could be decoration or may be to keep intruders away. Although they contain reminders of a difficult time, I am attracted to their jewel-like presence. Now years later I show them as art pieces. Whatever they mean to me is part of the personal history that makes me who I am. I think they can have as many meanings as the number of people who view them.

© Serena Weits