Amy Stacey Curtis

gesso, acrylic, rubber bands on board
11.75 x 11.75 in.

My interactive installations physically exist as art when temporarily experienced by an audience. I strive toward an archetypal balance of chaos, order, and repetition–a raw language I feel resonates within and around all of us–to convey that we are part of a whole. This balance in part depends on the audience who completes my creative process, invited to perpetuate my imagery in specific, purposeful ways. Without the audience’s careful participation, my work is static and unfinished. Following each installation, my work exists only through documentation, dialogue, connection, memory.

Amy Stacey Curtis, the Maine Arts Commission’s 2005 Individual Artist Fellow For Visual Art, has scheduled ambitious solo-biennial exhibits of interactive installation through at least 2010. Each exhibit of large-in-scope work takes place in a different Maine community’s vast abandoned space and requires audience participation. Curtis creates two-dimensional works based on her biennials’ themes to support the exhibits’ installations. This mixed-media painting, 313, is one of 30 paintings for her biennial CHANGE, which took place throughout 23,000 sq.ft. of Fort Andross in Brunswick, Maine. Curtis is currently working on her fifth solo biennial, LIGHT, which will take place October 2008.

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