Tulika Ladsariya

Togetherness from the M”other” Series (May 2020)
acrylic and thread on board
14 x 14 in.

“In my newly recreated home studio, I have focused combining my 4-year old daughter’s sketches, my painting and my mother’s crochet. Currently, we are coping with our ennui, anxiety and frustration through making art- my daughter and me in the US and her grandmother in India. Through these narrative works, I attempt to bring these three women artists from across generations and borders together and remind us that no matter where we are physically, our sentiments and frustrations are real. Our losses, anxiety and fears are real. Our love, albeit virtual, is real. These works will document these sentiments and foster a dialogue of commonality of experience across the globe.

I hope to enter these works with other works musing about our connected experience of isolation in our individual spaces, the social distancing that forced us to look inwards and find what is truly important to us and the masks that quietened us so we could listen.

These works can be part of a larger narrative that is ongoing about motherhood, migration and togetherness and bring further focus on an ongoing important discussion.”

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© Tulika Ladsariya