Mary Kolada Scott

Grounded, During COVID-19 Pandemic (2020)
mixed media on cradleboard
14 x 11 in.

1. Well balanced and sensible
2. Prohibited or prevented from flying
3. Informal: not allowed to participate in social or recreational activities

At times, the pandemic and enforced lockdown for California feels as though I’ve been grounded, punished for doing something I shouldn’t have done. I feel alienated and shut down. I’m not considered an essential worker and I’m in the high-risk segment of the population. I feel insignificant and feeble.

I’ve always considered myself grounded in the sense of being balanced and rooted in common sense. Now I feel myself restrained and unable to move or fly.

Home has been a familiar theme for me in poetry and art. This house is on unstable ground. Doors and windows are only suggested. I’m trapped in a domicile that I once considered a haven. Now it is the only safe place. And is it really?”

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© Mary Kolada Scott