Christina Klein

Chatterbox (2019)
recycled cardboard, fabric and twine
96 x 144 x 26 in.

21 Weeks (2020)
acrylic on canvas
9 x 18 in.

My work is an investigation of domestic structures in the rural Midwest and how they change over time. Documenting abandoned structures and observing what people leave behind is the basis for my paintings. As someone who has never owned a home, and moves from rental to rental, it’s especially moving to see homes that are abandoned and left in disrepair. Stay at home orders have made the reflection of domestic stability even more relevant in my daily life.

As a pregnant woman, seemingly locked in a tower to protect her baby, it’s discomforting not being able to visit my family in the Midwest, and the source of my artistic inspiration. The uncertainty of when it’s safe to see loved ones that live in a different state, as well as different country, brings constant worry about when they will finally get to meet my baby once it arrives.

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