Susanne Swanson Bernard

A Fall Walk in the Woods (4/25/2019)
analog collage
8.5 x 11 in.

Susanne Swanson-Bernard is a photographer, writer and collage artist. She was born in Germany and has enjoyed visiting much of Europe.
“As an artist and writer, I feel that all we see and do in life is worthy of some form of documentation. Ultimately, I am drawn to the grace of nature, and all other subject matter. I am keenly aware of the simple refinement in the compositions I create. We are always in a state of transition, and all of life is ephemeral. Creating a unique scene, or discovering something simple, yet distinctive in my mind’s eye, reminds me that there is value and worth in everything.

Grief and loss are individual experiences. When I experience loss, it feels like a part of me has gone missing. I have no desire to eat, drink or be among people. If it is a great loss, honestly I simply shut down and excuse myself. I usually retreat to my bedroom. I am a very private person, and it is there that I can truly let myself go to grieve about the loss I’ve suffered.”

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