Patricia Stewart

Our Daily News
mixed media collage, paper, ink, wood, finish medium
24 x 24 in.

Police women and men, whose jobs are to serve and protect, have broken that promise, that oath of office that trust that we depend on when or if we dial 911. Instead they substitute the safety of the community by treating their jobs as if it were a game where the winner takes all. When suspects, their targets die, they become part of the winners’ circle, proven by the notches in our hearts the tears in our eyes, and the paralysis of an African American community. Where does it not say, “Thou shalt not kill?” Why do the police have the right to decide who gets to be served and whom to protect?

In spite of this Novel Pandemic that has permeated our society, us we still must march and cry out for justice. Not only have so many lives of our African American men and women been shattered, our Black Lives Matter physical outcries have stalemated the stoppage of this virus. Our outcries have made it impossible to stay home. We face a new dilemma. Though it is less desirable to pray in solitude, we must continue to actively conquer this LOSS.

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© Patricia Stewart