Susan Fecho

Ocracoke: Concealed Behind Private (2019)
graphite on paper, shellac, stitching, w/polychromed wood
72 x 72 x 18 in.

“The work is personal and introspective, like a journal or diary in which an object is often a representation of self or of viewer. The body is gone but there is a residue, a memory; with something that stays behind to keep these images from being sterile representation of spaces. Within these mood pieces, I revisit ideas and actual places to suggest life and memory, to evoke imaged sounds and emotions. Both hand and mind manipulate, gather, reshape in an effort to preserve and also to open a door or a window for the viewer.

“Life must be lived amidst that which was made before. Every landscape is an accumulation that requires retrospection.” Ocracoke NC continues to be devastated by storms – lives forever changed.”

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© Susan Fecho