Donna Feranda

I Come Bearing Gifts
micro-pointillism, Corel Painter
30 x 18 in.

“Making art is a magical experience. I employ both color and form to create a visually textured environment. When I create a work of art, I envision compositions reduced to their essence. Wonder, mystery and a desire to explore the beyond are realized when I navigate through pulsating particles of matter and their underlying structures. I seek to portray a world of pure sensual experience, which goes beyond the ordinary boundaries of the physical world. Working in a pointillist style helps me to delve into this world of vague, nebulous forms so I can work with the underlying rhythm of objects. Through these abstracted microscopic details, I can create images which vibrate with life as they spring forth from an array of colored reflections. Through these variations of tones, I can reveal the inner tension of molecules at play. The images that I choose to depict are defined by chance — the knowledge that there is something before and after the present moment. It is through this creative process that I am able to achieve some semblance of order from the inherently chaotic behavior that I perceive in nature.”

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© Donna Feranda