Christina Fitch

Lost Daughter: Tricia Alexander
acrylic, wax pastel, and digital painting on vinyl and polycarbonate
70 x 54 in.

If a tree does not bend in the wind, it will not survive the storm. In that respect, my mother is an inspiration. She has faced serious adversity but remains positive and joyful. Some are life-altering while others are just memories. While a photo depicts a moment in time, it does not tell the whole story. Through the narrative of my mother’s life, my paintings show that personal truth lies not in the photograph but in the memories and perceptions associated with the photograph.

Tricia, my mother’s fifth child and second daughter was always the “princess” of the family. As my mother tells her story, she describes her as “headstrong and stubborn.” Tricia became addicted to hydrocodone, and then the drugs to assist with the addiction. She then turned to alcohol, and finally, she met a man who introduced her to methamphetamine. Her addiction to meth worsened. The last time mom talked to her, Tricia promised that she was doing better and “cutting back” on the drugs. That was a Friday night. The following Sunday, mom, and dad received another call. Tricia finally succumbed to the voices in her head and committed suicide by hanging, at the age of 47. I have painted the scene of Tricia’s suicide, called “Lost Daughter-Tricia Alexander.”

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