Shannon Sullivan

Untitled (Neutral I)
clay, resin, plexiglas
8 x 8 in.

I am interested in imagery that is unable to be seen with the naked eye. I am drawn to occasions in nature in which the organic and inorganic collide, and proceed to coexist with harmony. My fascination with nature’s ability to adapt and be modified by external forces has been a point of departure for the work that juxtaposes cellular ceramic forms with, plexiglass, resin, and colored ink to suggest the relationship between the natural and the man made.

It is central that while the point of departure of the work may seem serious, the pieces maintain an appearance of whimsy and a notion of play. The work is reminiscent of juicy microbes or clustering cells while maintaining that the natural is simply a point of departure for a unique visual experience. My pieces are intended to engage and invite the viewer while expanding the possibilities of clay as an art material.

© Shannon Sullivan