Shannon Kernaghan

Decree Absolute (2019)
acrylic & paper on board;
16 x 24 in.

Loss is revealed in different forms throughout our stages of experience – loss of innocence, loss of love and loss of control. How do people stay courageous with so much gathered failure, as early as youth and onward to later years? Shannon Kernaghan is intrigued with how loss affects our life’s trajectory. Her narrative is based on the changing dynamics of love and loss, our tales of heartbreak, and the actions we take that ultimately end our conjoined path. When a heart breaks, the soul fractures in sympathy. What will bring us back from this abyss? Every woman has her story . . . or ten.

Shannon Kernaghan creates her visual art from Alberta, Canada. Her passion is storytelling in all forms – she also writes fiction, poetry and everything between, in books and journals.

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