Gina Judy

Nursing-Home Series I: In Respite Care, Among the Forgotten
acrylic on canvas
12 x 12 in.

My ‘loss’ comes from my father’s Alzheimer’s Disease. Even since mid-March and COVID we are only able to see him via FACETIME,but he is unable to communicate and does not comprehend. However, the inability to communicate began long before COVID. He is 89, and while in amazing physical-condition otherwise has had the disease for ten years, living with us for six of those until entering nursing-home care this past November. No COVID cases in that nursing-facility, fortunately, but Alzheimer’s is most definitely the ‘long good-bye’. My representations of him (which are recognizable abstractions, or simplifications), I chose to do in my favorite watermedia; watercolor on paper, and acrylic on canvas.

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