Sarah Gabel

My most recent work centers on the female figure and explores the multitude of feelings that it evokes.

As a ceramic artist I aim to create a sense of hannony between surface texture and form thereby allowing me to communicate a greater meaning. Similar to looking at clouds or wood grained patterns, and recognizing familiar shapes, is how this series of female forms evolved. I saw what could be the figure of a woman in a lace curtain and knew immediately I had to translate this into the language of ceramics.

I work intuitively and let the piece talk to me as I go. Some of the forms seem to be pure whimsy while others say something different every time I look at them. Most of my pieces are fired multiple times with various glazes while others are sprayed with paint to achieve the desired results. The concept of a corset or a hour glass figure as an icon of glamor elicits a multitude of feelings and responses.

© Sarah Gabel