Robin Malpass

Divorce Storm (2015)
acrylic on canvas
36 x 30 in.

With nature as my inspiration, I work intuitively, creating works on canvas. I am as tempted and easily devoured by consumption as the next person. However, the natural world is my refuge from the excess and waste of the material world.

My paintings begin by applying a variety of natural composites to the surface. While working soft pastels over the textures I eschew brushes and palette knives for my favorite mark-making tools; my hands and my credit cards. Using my credit cards to create art began as a symbolic act to put my plastic to better use.

I am inspired to have the plastic not only allow me to consume beauty but to crate beauty as well.
Along with my hands, I find these symbols of excess give me the most direct contact with my materials which allows me to express my internal state authentical