Raquel Esquives

Silhouette of a Disappeared Woman (2013-18)
mixed media
63 x 23.5 in. | $3,000

Along my artistic trajectory, my work has always evolved around one constant theme: the building up of the identity from different perspectives.

Most of my work is based on the investigation of archaeological remains and anthropological studies. I am interested in finding new concepts from societies, particularly narrow or extinct groups of individuals, and give them a space in our current context.

To express this, I use different materials with anthropological meaning. These include golden decorations and threads that were used to dress Catholic saints; sequins and beads from the Carnival, where the old religion danced in disguise; and artificial pearls like those used in rosary beads for praying.

The technique is all handmade. Meditation and reflection are part of my creative process. Sometimes I sew bead by bead, as when making saints’ or carnival clothes; at other times, I pin and glue as when making costumes for a Broadway show.

I studied painting and photography at Catholic University of Peru. I also have been blessed with the background of the textile tradition of my Peruvian family and some years working in the production of Broadway costumes in New York. I have broadened those disciplines throughout my career with mixed media, installations, and performances, creating multidisciplinary projects and approaching subjects from different angles.

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