Kate Fisher

Syrup Pitcher

I think of my work as domestic art.

The act of creating functional ceramics dissolves the boundaries between my home and studio. This mode of working creates an all encompassing life aesthetic. I strive to produce hand made domestic wares that are aesthetically pleasing without compromising the main objective: utility.

The home as described by Gaston Bachelard in ‘The Poetics of Space’, is the first interior in the world that we know and it can be used as metaphor for the human psyche. He felt that all spaces we inhabit as human beings bear a resemblance to the home. It is our interaction with space that is most important.

I learn about pots just by doing the dishes or fumbling for a cup in the morning. The nuances of a good pot are not immediately recognized. They develop and unfold over time and repeat contact

Placing my work in another person’s home makes me a silent participant in their daily ritual. This is a delightful end to a utilitarian means..

© Kate Fisher