Carlynn Forst

Pile (January 2020)
plaster, wood, synthetic fibers
17 x 30 x 28 in. | $4,600

Carlynn Forst is an interdisciplinary artist who explores the spirit/body relationship, primarily through sculptures and installations. Her work is largely concerned with the physicality of the human body, common perceptions of it, and its experience during life’s transitions. Carlynn’s chosen medium is dictated by the concept for each piece and can vary from plaster and clay to video and performance. She even created a body-positive fashion line that debuted with a dance number.

The unexpected passing of Carlynn’s brother was the catalyst for the existential query that prompted her to examine life’s big questions: “What are we, how did we get here, and where are we going?” Concurrently, her role as a woman in society has hypersensitized her bodily awareness. These concerns served as the impetus for “Pile” and other related works.

“Pile” features a stack of plaster-filled forms. Netting barely contains poured plaster, allowing it to create a sense of volume, while releasing a significant amount to the exterior. This play on constraints is similar to the role of the tissue that holds bodies together. The results of a very messy and unconventional process provide great variation in tone and texture, allowing the materials to take center stage. The heaviness of “Pile” is emphasized by the wooden pallet, a symbol for the weight of our bodies and the potential for mobility despite it.

Carlynn’s process is generally meditative due to the repetition of movements required during the building process. Through the expressive nature of art and the allure of visually and texturally sensational materials, she is able to process and address issues of personal, spiritual, and social import.

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