Priscilla Roggenkamp

Bucket Of Things Worth Remembering
woven felt, cotton warp, antique lace, found handle
54 x 10 x 10 in.

Buckets are functional. They are containers to be filled and a means of transporting the practical ‘stuff’ needed for many of life’s tasks. My bucket forms are functional objects designed to reference the human form. Carrying and transporting the stuff of life, we are vessels. We carry things like our DNA and other aspects of our nature. We carry habits and temperaments, aspects that may be of our nurture. We carry hurts and slights that we hold on to, and joys and memories that we reflect upon. Our vessel-selves contain and store much as we traverse life.

The processes I use in making these forms are slow processes. They mirror the way we accumulate the things we carry in life. Time, repetition, habit and reflection are all part of our vessel self.

© Priscilla Roggenkamp