Phyllis Lear

Not One Woman: Just Tits and Ass (2019)
fabric yo-yos, 17th edition of Jansen’s, “History of Art” cut paper
48 x 24 x 3 in. | $1,149

My work encompasses who and what I come into contact with on a daily basis. For me, art is everywhere. Any life experience can become a work of art.

Most recently, I have begun to explore the fabric Yo-Yo (Suffolk Puff) as an art form. Traditionally used as a quilting technique, I have appropriated the Yo-Yo as a module for building fine art pieces.

I have sewn since I was eight years old. Most of the women in my family sew—my sisters, my mother, my grandmother and godmother. I clearly remember my Grandmother Lear hand-quilting in the middle of her tiny living room—the quilt taking up nearly all of the available space.

I continue to honor her and that tradition.

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