Pearlie Taylor

Inside Out
acrylic on canvas
48 x 36 in.

Pearlie Taylor’s earliest memory of involvement with art includes selling figurative drawings on notebook paper for five cents to classmates in the third grade. As a young adult, after taking classes at the American Academy of Art, she spent many years experimenting with watercolor, oils, charcoal, and other materials.

A professional artist since 2004, Pearlie’s goal is to is to create paintings which are interesting, provocative, and beautiful, without the appearance of deliberation, intent, or rational thought. She believes the use of color can affect a conscious and positive change in individuals, creating a “subliminal communication”.

Intuition is the inner voice that guides her though all the aesthetic decisions that go into her paintings. She uses color to make sense of things and emotions while at the same time hoping to create a composition that shows purpose, revelation and energy.

Pearlie’s work has been collected nationally and has appeared in a number of publications.

© Pearlie Taylor