Paola Merazzi

Crazy Boxes
oil on canvas
35 x 35 in.

I usually start with a concept in my mind that I am eager to communicate, and then it evolves into compositions in which simple shapes are the primary subjects. My works radiates energy through simple geometric forms and dynamic use of space. I like the idea of a symbolic simplicity that conceptualize a much less simple idea. The intention is to translate the experience of everyday life into abstract, geometric imagery.

The color choices contribute to the sense of energy through balanced opposition, encouraging the viewer to see the contrast between the internal world of the artist and outside world of the viewer. The result is a combination that hopefully startles the viewer into a more intimate relationship with the painting.

My work is an introspective examination of emotions where geometric shapes are merged to communicate ideas and concepts that are based on mathematical equation, space and visual perception.

Painting is a form of identity, a place where I can find the essential beauty. Simply everyday life and the challenges it presents are my inspiration.

© Paola Merazzi