Niki Nolin

girlinabox: pink dress (September 2018)
archival digital print
12 x 8 in.

girlinabox: yellow dress blue clouds (August 2018)
archival digital print
13 x 13 in.

girlinabox seeks story(s), (lies, truths, account, tales, rumors), from female identified humans telling, (revealing, expressing), the boxes that define, describe, contain, explain their life, (lives), direction, purpose, dismay with intent to share, sustain, inhibit, pledge, engage, promise, understand or not….to enact change.

Niki Nolin is a Chicago media artist who works to blend painting, drawing and poetry with motion, interaction, installation and performance. Her focus is to arouse in the viewer the conviction of a reality, which exists in the spaces between words and images; intuitive gaps and leaps of faith and the disassociations and non-linearities of thought-play and choice.

Projects include work for Greenleaf Art Center, Rogers Park Art Alliance, Art Chicago, Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago, UCLA, Chicago Cultural Center, International digital Media Arts Association (iDMAa), International Calligraphy Organization, eNarrative Roundtable Boston, the College Art Association, SIGGRAPH and many others.

Celebrating 26 years at Columbia College Chicago Niki received the Distinguished Teaching Fellowship in (2010) and teaches foundations studio, drawing, imaging, time-based media, installation and experimental website design as an associate professor in the Art and Art History department.

© Niki Nolin