Niki Nolin

Red No Legs 2018 There was a girl in a box with stars on the lid
archival inkjet print AP
24 x 17 in.

Niki Nolin is a media artist who works to blend painting, drawing and poetry with motion, interaction, installation and performance. Working collaboratively with artists and poets, her focus is to arouse in the viewer the conviction of a reality which exists in the spaces between words and images; intuitive gaps and leaps of faith, text and voice over time, and the disassociations and non-linearities of thought-play and choice – a digital rendering of mind and universe.

This work is the start of a series titled girl in a box. Beginning with altered photographs of dresses from Quinceañera shops. Forward to collaboration. Girl in a box seeks story(s), (lies, truths, account, tales, rumors), from female identified humans (telling, revealing, expressing), the boxes that (define, describe, contain, explain their life), (lives), (direction, purpose), with intent to (share, sustain, inhabit, pledge, engage, promise, understand) or not…. to enact change.

© Niki Nolin