Muriel Hansen

Love Always (2019)
porcelain, nichrome wire, glaze, glass paint, gold luster
42 x 66 in.

In Love Always, I investigate my relationship with my mother through a quilt constructed of glazed and decorated tiles. This use of porcelain symbolizes the fragility and strength of our relationship. Through the process of creating this piece I explore my relationship with my mother, and the ways our expectations of each other have changed throughout my life.

Now as a young adult, new layers of complexity have been added to our relationship. The distance created living in different states has developed a new appreciation for the time we are able to spend together as we try to stay connected and share life experiences while physically separated. Through a series of handwritten letters that my mother and I exchanged as I made this piece, we discussed these complexities, how our relationship has grown and shifted throughout my life. Through these letters, we reflect on past memories, and moments we cherished while contemplating the difficulties between us. Excerpts from the letters my mother sent are transferred onto the surface of the tiles. The piece becomes a record of our combined experiences, and how we adapt to the inevitable changes that occur in every relationship.

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