Mohadeseh Rahimitabar

The Blind Leading the Blind (2017)
mixed media sculpture
variable size

What I encounter by being a moving body walking and wandering, in the city or anywhere else like in nature, is where my body and its surrounding find their relationships and make sense to one another. What is interesting in this relationship between human and its world is how we give meaning to objects and supposedly their function, and how we are accustomed to certain kinds of definitions of things and way of perception.

But sometimes the world we live on does not make sense at all so we start to find a way to make things understandable. This is the state where I find the relationship between language and body. We use language to make things understandable so we can have a sense of everything and communicate with one another. But the essence of language is not always to make things understandable—on the contrary it may cause many misunderstandings or deliver a very different meaning of things. Just like trying to find a fixed and ordinary definition of objects or anything that we encounter in our every day life. These contradictions let us see the world differently, to question these fixed meanings of things we have.

In my works I am trying to question these absurd and illogical sides of everyday life and the language that largely affects our body and ways of perceiving the world. I keep questioning the function of objects and meaning of words we use. By using different kinds of mediums like wood, metal, plaster, resin and found object I try to ask a same question, what is the function of this material in my work and how could I challenge its function?

There has been a dialogue between language like proverb and the work I make.

I use the complication of delivering a message, using a language in favor of making the object. During the process of making, the work may be distanced from the original idea and finds its own dependency and freedom. This is an ideal way of being on the earth, being in the states of freedom and finding our dependency on the world.

© Mohadeseh Rahimitabar