Mary O’Connell

Always on the Move
porcelain, ceramic stain/granite base
12 x 4 x 4 in.

“Making ceramic objects is of primary importance to me. I enjoy a wide range of creativity experienced with clay from a conventionally thrown stoneware mug, to the wild pinching that can send the clay upward while constructing the walls of a sculpture. The work presented in this show is figurative. Expressed in vessel form, it is influenced by interpretations of natural objects. I enjoy the manipulation of ceramic materials and abstracting natural forms to achieve an art form combining an exploration of intellectual, emotional technical and aesthetic problems. Volume and mass, inside and outside have equal importance. I am interested in presenting an observation of the inward and outward nature of the human being. By enclosing and binding the essential elements of natural forms into a whole I am in search of representing a fundamental map of ourselves as found in the intimate aspect of nature and more specifically my interpretation of natural forms.”

Mary O’Connell earned her MFA from Northern Illinois University/Dekalb and her undergraduate from Southern Illinois University/Carbondale. She has shown her handbuilt and wheel thrown ceramic pieces in national, regional and local art exhibitions. O’Connell has received numerous awards for her work and has juried national and regional art shows. For over 14 years she has enjoyed teaching at various institutions and is currently holding classes in her studio.

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