Mary K. O’Shaughnessy

Bingo! Life is a Gamble
mixed media
35 x 16.5 x 18 in.

“This piece, “Bingo! Life is a Gamble” is part of an ongoing exploration into the female psyche, using a vintage dress form called “My Double” as the substructure for the sculptures. I have been covering the form with paper, removing the form in some pieces. This one I celebrate the actual object, leaving it pretty much alone, and concentrating on what’s inside the work. This piece deals with things that we have very little control over (not all, but most of them), and in playing the game, you see that sometimes the cards (or bingo balls, in this case) stack against you. Are you a winner, or are you a victim? How will you react to bad news? Play the game and see what your reactions are.”

Mary K. O’Shaughnessy has been making art full-time since she closed her business 5 years ago. She has always been within the arts, but never received any formal artistic training. All of the jobs that she had used the hands to create things, so it is easy to see that she would be drawn to creating sculpture as an artist.

© Mary K. O’Shaughnessy