Leah Oates

PARADURA-Taipei, Taipei Train Station
11 x 14 in.

“The work I create first originates as a response to sites and objects that are ignored such as piles of trash, alleyways, overpasses or abandoned structures. In most instances the locations that I have shot in are not desirable travel destinations, are generally working class and are in industrial areas. This type of space has a personal resonance for me as I grew up in a very similar location in New England. I have a strong emotional connection, knowledge and familiarity with this kind of locality and want to document it in all of its poignant beauty.”

Leah Oates has had eleven solo shows at venues including Real Art Ways, A A4L Gallery, A Taste of Art Gallery, Sara Nightingale Gallery, Henry Street Settlement House and Sol MednickGallery at the University of the Arts in Philadelphia. Oates has been in over 100 group exhibitions around the world including venues in NYC at Flux Factory, Nurture Art Gallery, Metaphor Contemporary Art, AG Gallery and The Center for Book Arts and more. She is the recipient of several awards including a Fulbright Fellowship for study in the United Kingdom and an Artist Grant from Artist Space. Oates’s work has been featured on the movie sets of “Perfect Strangers” staring Halle Berry, “Little Children” staring Kate Winslett and “The Forgiven” staring Julianne Moore.
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