Mary Jo Deysach

Becca’s Quilt
fabric, leather, beads, Micron pen, hand appliqued, machine pieced, hand quilted
50 x 36 in.

I have been in love with fabric since I was eight years old, when my mother taught me to sew. I started quilting in the late 1970’s and have had a quilt “going” ever since. I quickly found applique quilts to be the most interesting to work on and wall quilts to be the most satisfying. Wall quilts are an intersection between art and craft. Since they do not need to be laundered, it is fun to add beads and other embellishments.

When starting a new project, I choose the theme and make a rough sketch to scale. Then I let the quilt have its own way. Choosing just the right fabrics is an exciting challenge. Sometimes my quilts turn out very differently from what I originally had in mind.

I do the applique and all of the quilting by hand because, in my case, it produces the best finished project. Working by hand also allows my quilting to be a portable social endeavor. (When my borders or backgrounds are composed of straight-edged pieces, those are joined on the sewing machine.)

Since virtually all of my quilts are made for specific family members and friends, many tell a unique story. I have accepted a few commissions but am happiest giving my quilts as special gifts.

© Mary Jo Deysach