Marilyn Hrymak

Black Madonna
up-cycled fiber art
22 x 16.5 in.
NFS, but prints are available

Being touched by the Black Madonna is a powerful coping mechanism during the COVID19 Pandemic. She has been worshipped by indigenous people (vernacular worship) for centuries and is there to love everyone who follows Her. She represents Mother Earth and the ancient African ancestors we all share.

The Asian symbol in the upper right corner represents wishes granted. Ex-votos are evidence of miracles She has performed and they are usually located near the Madonna statues.

Our Lady of the Underground is another one of Her duties escorting souls like those of the pandemic victims to the other world. Consequently many of the Black Madonnas were originally located in cathedral crypts.

Whore wisdom is what She shares because She is open for all who want Her help. Balancing the patriarchal domination which we suffer is Her most important job. The throne She sits on represents Her Seat of Wisdom.

European Black Madonnas are usually found where evidence of feminine divine was worshipped. Goddesses including Isis, Mary, Sophia, Aphrodite, Magdalene, Cybele and Artemis were part of Her roots.

She represents social justice and is a symbol and comfort for poor and oppressed people like many pandemic victims. Black Madonnas are part of their resistance. Even though literal touch has been limited by the pandemic, the Black Madonna can touch anyone who asks for Her help.

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© Marilyn Hrymak