Jenny Stopher

onion-dyed silk organza, thread, copper
4 x 23 x 23 in.

My current work investigates the use of my studio practice as a space for healing. Materially my work contrasts the delicacy of fabrics such as silk organza and intricate repetitive stitch with the chaos of difficult familial relationships and the strategies of coping with the associated grief. Several aspects of my work parallels the world of estrangement which requires finesse and the binaries of vulnerability and strength, patience and persistence, resignation and hope. They center around a thoughtful yet neutral color palette achieved through a natural dye process using onion skin resulting in browns and golds that deepen into rusts and greys with the use of iron in post-mordanting.

‘Forwarded’ came from working out the frustration of attempting to communicate with my sons by calling their mobiles only to be forwarded to voice mail yet again. The deconstructed text reveals the fading echo of the voice message prompt and the trailing stitch exposes the muteness.

© Jenny Stopher