Magda Dudziak

Last Time I Saw Her…
mixed media collage, original vintage photo, ephemera, pen, oil sticks on wood
5 3/4 x 6′ in.

The Muse…
mixed media collage , fabric, oil sticks, pencil, antique photo on wood
5 3/4” x 7 3/4 in.

I’m a self-taught artist born in Cracow Poland now residing in Chicago. When I start working on a piece I usually pick one seemingly simple inert image or artifact and place it on a canvas. From there I’m off on an exciting and intense journey into the unknown arranging reusable materials like antique photographs,long forgotten letters, found regalia and giving them new meaning. I also include acrylic paint, oil sticks, Indian ink, varnish, beeswax, or whatever other medium I find to compliment and increase the visual acumen of my work at that very moment!

My art is a dialogue between my emotional state of being; fragments of my memory; dreams; desires (past, present, and future), and the total unleashing of my imagination. As my work becomes more complex, it is also becoming more dark, tense, simple, dramatic, playful,and unsuspecting. Each piece of work is a universe of tossed out scraps and discarded trinkets.

© Magda Dudziak