Lovie Olivia

She Was Made of the Best Parts of the Universe (2017)
monotype fresco – ink on poured plaster
24 in. diameter

I am an interdisciplinary artist whose practice employs Fresco (buon and secco) with the addition of digital fresco (monotype) and sgrafitto (to scratch) to create paintings, objects, installations and discourse around issues of gender, sexuality, race, class and power.

My work represent my interest in beautiful, historical, mythical, ornamental and patterned human histories. My approach to painting reemerges the art of fresco, honors the zeal of figurative painting and explores new adaptations to old traditions. With these bodies of work, I’m compelled to push boundaries and co-mingle materials and techniques used to express the copious layers of powerful women of color inclusive of anonymous, invisible and rarely celebrated history makers.

At times the works are autobiographical – a blend of self-explorations and visual observations. What I experience, desire and witness is communicated through a catalog of figures, signifiers, symbols, and materials.

© Lovie Olivia