Lilach Schrag

White Golem
4:28 minutes

I study myths and legends that feature transformative encounters and even magic. My visual interpretations of these tales highlight physical activity and strength as a metaphor for psychological process.

Two years ago, I started documenting myself creating humanoid sculptures of sand. Affected by the current political and social climate, my work has evolved to include large drawings of humanoids possessed with a more active or defiant attitude.

My “Golem” project offers a female-centric interpretation of the Biblical story of creation of man and the folk story about the Golem – a giant humanoid formed by man out of mud and brought to life by magic.

The “Golem“ videos interact with these familiar creation narratives and describe a woman who uses her bare hands and feet to create passive and motionless figures. Reenacting these mythical stories offers new insights into the process of creation and the dialogue between creators and their work.

© Lilach Schrag