LaVerne Kemp

In My Father’s House
fiber, weaving, beading, mixed media
29 x 27 in.

“In My Fathers House” speaks about my Daddy’s life and the split of the family and how I, his daughter, tried to weave it all back together. My father was a trailblazer. In the early 60’s at the age of 18 he started his own business, a Cadillac dealership owned in an area that didn’t quite appreciate his entrepreneurial spirit! Every day I watched him dress up in a suit and tie and go off to work. He was very proud of what he had accomplished. He fought hard to keep his business afloat for 40 years, often being shut down and sent to jail on occasion because of the hatred of the “good ole boys.” Every time they tried to tear him down, he came back strong and reopened. This stress caused many riffs in our family life over the years with much abuse and pain. This piece is symbolic of his life and my attempt at weaving together the brokenness in his life and our family.

© LaVerne Kemp