Kim Fox

Circle Quilt
Vintage tin on reclaimed wood
16.5 in. diameter

I love dirty hands. For the past ten years, my work has focused on organic themes such as birds, bees, farm machinery and the simple trappings of home and one’s place. Quilting in tin is a natural progression of my work as it weaves together a nod to traditional handwork, the use of reclaimed materials, and images of a rural life. I am as drawn to the laborious aspect of creativity as I am to its unpredictable outcomes. I gain almost as much from the process of cutting apart tins and sourcing the wood as I do from the assemblage of the art itself. My inspiration is formed by my surroundings, by my life in a city in that exists in the midst of both decay and rebirth, set against the dramatic beauty and constant change of the Pennsylvania landscape.

© Kim Fox