Kim Dotty Hachmann

Far Away from Home reflects upon the situation of Berlin based artist Kim Dotty Hachmann, who merges all into one life: work, family, art, motherhood and herself. In Birdie, Neo and the photo series in between the main topic is dealing with the feeling of being far away: The kidnapping of the bride in the Western Movie Birdie, the indifferent atmosphere in the video Neo and the atmosphere of former communism still existent in a hotel in Sofia today with the protagonist in between childhood and growing up from the photo serie in between. With the works Küchen Power, emotional secrets and homemade Kim Dotty Hachmann includes the feeling of home and its diverse aspects.
Kim Dotty Hachmann will be in Chicago to work on the 3rd edition of a collaborative video project with artist Ginny Sykes, followed by a residency at the Ragdale Foundation.

Kim Dotty visually presents her family in short videos, video installations and photo series in order to exploit the complexity of visual, temporal and acoustic aspects. Thus fantastic stories depict the opposites of individuality and community, intimacy and borders, power and weakness in a humorous, poetic and sometimes grotesque way. Kim Dotty Hachmann mostly makes use of her own fantasy worlds to express her ideas. It’s a conscious choice that she and her family act inher productions. Kim Dotty Hachmann sees herself as a modern day storyteller.