Katherine O’Truk

Hand in Hand (April 2020)
acrylic on canvas
20 x 20 in.

“I am an artist, art educator, and forever art student in Chicago, IL. I am interested in exploring the moments of human connection and the power they carry. I create portraiture that pays tribute to the strength and beauty of female figures in my life and the moments I share with them. During this time, where we are physically apart from many of the people we treasure, I’ve been considering how much magic the physical moments in a meaningful relationship hold. I think there is power and wonder in a moment of connection and my work is an examination of how abstract layers of paint paired with the shapes of the figure can convey the essence of connection.
As a way to keep me close to those I am far from, and maybe even as a way to help others feel more connected, I have begun creating paintings where figures are positioned together in the frame- seen in a moment of connection.”

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© Katherine O’Truk