Luisa Otero Prada

Cempasuchil (2018)
acrylic on canvas
36 x 36 in.

“TOUCH through time, TOUCH through souls …
Cempasuchil is the flower used massively in the celebration of the Day of the Deaths in Mexico, it is the representative element of the connection with the ancestors. Cempasuchil is called the flower with 400 petals, I felt the line created between the petals when they touch and connect with each other like the life line that we create with the connections we make, our path, our journey; at the same time, each petal has a deeper connection to the center, the origin. Painting this series was a ritual for me, as well as women from many parts of the world and from different cultures make altars to venerate, remember and be in TOUCH.”

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© Luisa Otero Prada