Patricia Panopoulos

For Today I’m Dreaming Of Yesterdays
acrylic on stretched canvas
30 x 24 in.

The work that I am submitting for consideration take a journey in time back to the simpler 1930s. Life was slower then. Without all of the distractions of cell phones, social media or computers people placed extreme value on friendships and closeness. Spending the afternoon with friends had a very special meaning.

The title of this painting is a lyric from a Billie Holiday song called Yesterdays from the 1930s.

True beauty is something that cannot be seen with your eyes open, instead it is something that can be felt when your eyes are closed.

Life is nature, calm one minute and turbulent the next. I believe women (and all humans) have a great gift to endure, to share, to succeed, to encourage, to forgive and to love. ALL women are beautiful and all women are strong even it they have yet to realize it.

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