Jennifer McNeely

fur, nylons, batting
9 x 6 in.

My work is about breakdown and repair, and alludes to the cultural situation and compulsions of women. The time we spend on repair and improvements is endless; in our physical selves, our relationships our work, and the world that contains us. This desire to move and repair, no matter the cost, is evident in all around me. The damage can be caused when this desire becomes obsessive. Since there is always something imperfect to focus on, the work is never done. Maintenance becomes at once overwhelming and seemingly necessary.

This work speaks to the continuous struggle to balance the need to create harmony in our surroundings and preserving our own sanity. My choice of materials and method of creation reflect on this.

The pieces tend to create themselves through my process, which is largely intuitive. My material choices are thoughtful, but the end result is always a surprise.

Much of the work is in fact, labor. The tedious and repetitive process enhances the works obsessive nature. The pieces do reference body parts, although that is not the end of their story; rather it is the way their story begins.

My subject matter is often an exploration of contradictions: Between the masculine and feminine, the grotesque and beauty, and hard and soft. Often times the line between opposites becomes hazy and eventually, if allowed, they will merge.

© Jennifer McNeely