Jennifer Jenkins

found painting, refurbished rocker, basket, wool, alpaca, cashmere
84 x 48 x 84 in.

“In modern day North America, land ownership has changed the needs of shepherds who were previously nomadic workers. Once a shepherd needed hearty clothing, transportable shelter and food. Currently, in western society, a shepherdess is not even in need of her animals. This is because food production, land ownership and the fashion industry have changed the need of mutton and wool products. Today the practice of raising an animal to produce truly handmade garments is carried out as a rarity in order to encounter a tradition in our contemporary society.

This body of work is the product of a year-long series of chores performed daily. Grass was tended to, I cared for my sheep, the animals were shorn and raw wool was harvested for utilization on a small farm in Zanesville, Ohio. I produced tools in order to take advantage of the wool raised on my family farm and from surrounding areas, including some materials collected while in Maryland. A few of these tools include; an electric spinning wheel, a skirting table, a knitty noddy and knitting needles. Out of this process, I made utilitarian garments to wear on the farm and at home.”

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© Jennifer Jenkins