Malika Jackson

9 x 12 in.

“My artistic work embraces a variety of media and ideas; it is intended to serve as a bridge to combine figurative and abstract art and most importantly to communicate with my viewers. Additionally, my artwork, whether compelling figures of imposing tall females, or abstract vessels whose geometric forms suggest African origins and the Cubist efforts of modernism, employ rich color, varied textures and distinctive understanding of scale. More importantly in natural materials like clay, wood and in metal, found objects and paint, I begin a with an intuition that might find form in a drawing or grow organically in my hands, nurtured by my subjectivity and imagination.

My intention is that a vocabulary of bright, vivid colors not only evokes a sense of excitement and joy for the viewer but that the haunting faces of my sculptures of women suggest a strong desire for communication and connection at a moment when expanded viewpoints are most needed. Based on my commitment to diverse relationships and accessibility, my paintings create a strong visual narrative, taking inspiration from historic African art and my personal journey of self-discovery. As an educator, I have learned the power of cultural dialogues and see my imagery as proposals for new understanding and unexpected collaborations.”

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