Jan Brandt

Hypothesis #9
acrylic paint, latex house paint, puff paint, studio detritus on repurposed
wooden support
40 x 48 in.

The Hypothesis Series is the answer to my question, “How can I create new art that has an evolving conversation with my last body of fiber art work?” I have worked three years on large scale textile installations of imagined cellular landscapes. This three dimensional work still intrigues me. However, while collecting materials, cutting, sewing, and building these assemblages, the desire to engage with a two dimensional format became increasingly apparent. The idea was both challenging and exciting.

My fiber art had been included for many exhibitions and publications and is now on view at The Illinois State Museum in Springfield. It is a bit scary to change a well received style of media, but the thought persisted and grew stronger. I decided to work with a hypothesis: The new 2D work would be inspired by underlying rhythms and patterns of nature while blurring differences in scale as did the previous fiber installations. The new work would carry unexpected differences due to the change in material, process and dimensionality but would (hopefully) be able to co-exist and have a conversation with the previous work. After working on the new “Hypothesis” pieces, I feel that this process has allowed me to go imaginatively deeper between the layers, below and above of what is able to be perceived in reality by the naked eye.

© Jan Brandt