Anoush Bargamian

100% Human
screenprint with ink and beeswax on panel
7.25 x 15.25 in.

My background in art history, painting, printmaking, design, typography, and color theory, greatly influence the conceptual and compositional characteristics in my work. Conceptually, I am inspired by nature, mosaic tiles, textures, patterns, free forms, organic lines, symbols of hope, Art Brut, and my dreams. Experimental in material and process, my work is informed by the history of abstraction, outsider/intuitive artists, color, and architectural building material. I work in a manner that encourages textures, shapes and symbols to take on new meaning.

This work is inspired by the desire to connect with my heritage and DNA relatives and the world around me. While I find my unique lineage fascinating, I also believe in the idea that I am connected to everyone. This idea led me to produce 100% Human. The wax material is ephemeral and connects with the concept of change and human vulnerability.

© Anoush Bargamian