Molly Brennan

Kochanski’s Concertina Beer Hall
oil on canvas
10 x 8 in.

I paint landscapes and cityscapes using oil paint. Sometimes, confronting these -scapes can be overwhelming; I get overwhelmed by the specificity of the moment, the light and the place. Being aware and mindful of my surroundings is something I have become so sensitive to. I find myself noticing the beauty in the ordinary whether it’s an icy alley next to a concertina bar lit up with neon signs or the glow of the neighborhood laundromat at night.

My favorite time of day is The Golden Hour. Sharp angles, slivers of light and the low sun generate moments that are brief and unique only to that particular time creating dramatic and pronounced warmth. In the winter landscape of the Midwest, flat and gray, sometimes void of light and shadows, I’m forced to define and exhaust what gray really is; to find richness, variety and harmony within a limited range of values. These paintings become proof of my presence, whenever and wherever it may be.

© Molly Brennan