Jane Calvin

Night Train 2
digital print
24 x 30 in.

I make photographs, I don’t take them. I am a maker of meaning, not an observer of it.

My medium is photography, though not easily compared with traditional photography. My process involves sculpture and installation practices. I build room-sized sets onto which I project drawings, images and text, recording the final result with the camera. There are no darkroom or digital tricks. Though using sculpture and installation, the process is straight photography.

The broad thematic focus of the work is the fragmentation, unpredictability, and instability that characterize our current 21st century experience. Eschewing linearity, the work stands in opposition to the simplicity and minimalism of the earlier 20th century. My images are layered and fragmented, reflecting the contemporary world as a place of increasing spatial and temporal instability, fragmentation, discontinuity, and ambiguity.

© Jane Calvin